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Six Decades of Experience

We are honored to have been serving the travel industry for over 60 years. It all started in New York when founder John Schulthess began his career for KLM airlines. It was in the 1970’s that we relocated the business to sunny Southern California and have been here ever since. Over the course of sixty years we have organized thousands of performance tours across thew globe and been fortunate to have taken many more thousands of students and performers on tour. During the 1990’s John and Catherine developed the Sydney Youth Musicale, the one of the first and longest running student performance festival at the Sydney Opera House.


Based in Los Angeles

As a California based company we are held to the highest of standards. In fact the California Seller of travel is one of the strictest regulatory boards in the travel industry and they assure that all California travel agents are operating for the good of the traveler. Additionally, our geographic location in Los Angeles makes operations across the globe, including New Zealand and Australia, much more efficient and effective. For example when flying to Australia, inevitably your port of exit is Los Angeles, this allows us to handle

Performance Tour Specialist

Performance tours are a unique sector of travel. They require a great deal of experience in areas beyond travel. As the oldest performance tour company in America we have experienced a great deal of scenarios, and have solutions for all. From instrument transportation, to instrument repairs on the road we take great pride in getting the job done, and getting it done well.


Homestay Program

We were one of the first in the industry to provide the home-stay experience for our tours. This is an option that not only lower the cost of your tour, but more importantly adds immeasurable value to the experience for your students.

24/7 Travel Support Team

From the moment you start planning your tour to the moment you return home we are with you every step of the way. During your performance tour you will not only have a full time tour manager with you but you will will have access to our Los Angeles based ” 24/7 Command Center”. Should anything need to be attended to one of our support staff in the command center will be there to assist.


Instrument Care Program

We know how important your instrument is to you. Thus, we created the “Instrument Care Program”, which is are procedure for handling instruments during a performance tour. We place a great emphasis on instrument care during your music tour. From transportation to instrument repairs we have the skills to make sure you will be performing.

Customized Experience

Each group has a different set of goals, objectives and requirements. We work with you closely to understand what you want and need to achieve a successful performance tour. Ultimately we will develop a performance which is specifically tailored to your group.

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