How far in advance can my group book ? 

Typically, groups book 12 months in advance.  Most airlines and hotels do not open their reservations until such time.

What size group do I need ? 

Typically, quotes are based on 40 passengers.  However, as all itineraries are customized, UWCT is happy to quote on smaller groups as well.

How do I register for the tour ?

We must receive a registration form for each traveler.  The form will be provided either online or through your Tour Leader.

How do I pay for the tour ?

By check or credit card via our online portal.

Which credit cards do you accept ?

Visa Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover 

In order for us to charge your card we need written authorization. You may also make credit card payments online through our website. This is for your own protection.

My payment is late….will there be late fees ?

No, UWCT does not charge any late fees.

When is final payment for trip due ?

Final payment for the trip is typically due sixty days prior to your departure date.

Will I get a confirmation once I have paid in full for the trip ? 

Written confirmations for full payment are provided upon request.

I missed the deadline for the deposit, can I still register for the tour ?

After the deposit due date has passed, we will continue to register travelers on a space available basis.

Can friends and family join the tour as well ?

We encourage parents and friends to travel . Please check with your Tour Leader / Organization to ensure there is space for you on the trip. 

Can my family extend our trip after the group tour has concluded ? 

Yes, this is called a Deviation. It is subject to the approval of your Music Director/ Organization.  UWCT can assist you with all planning aspects of your extended trip. Fees may apply.

Can I purchase cancellation insurance ? 

UWCT does recommend & offer trip cancellation insurance .The cancellation insurance is an optional program you can purchase at the time of registration. Once purchased, if you decide to cancel at any time prior to the departure date and for a covered reason,  you will submit a claim to the insurance company for a refund, minus the cost of the cancellation insurance. Please refer to your registration form for more details. UWCT requires notification in writing if you wish to cancel.

When Can I expect to get details about the trip ? 

A pre-trip packet will be sent to the Tour Leader  approximately 3 – 4 weeks prior to travel. This packet will include itineraries for each traveler with detailed information about flights , hotel accommodations ( with addresses and phone numbers) , concerts and sightseeing. 

Do you provide a timed final itinerary for the group ?

UWCT does provide final itineraries with times.  Due to flights, traffic and other local conditions, certain times may vary.  Your Tour Manager will be responsible for time management and will keep you advised as the tour progresses.

How does Homestay work ?

UWCT has been involved in Homestay programs for over 30 years.  

We are happy to provide a list of references of Youth organizations that have been involved with Homestay.  Having experienced homestay once, many organizations request to do it again. It becomes such a highlight of the tour. True friendships and connections have been forged through the Homestay network.

What is a Tour Manager ? 

The role of a Tour Manager is to make sure that your life on the tour runs smoothly. It means getting the band or music ensemble to venues, hotels, and sightseeing excursions in a timely manner.  Every UWCT tour is managed by professional Tour Managers.  They will be at your side from the time of arrival in your destination until the day you depart.  They are highly experienced and engaging people who are an integral and very valuable component of any successful tour.